Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gilda's Club - Nashville

Gilda's Club of Nashville has been a wonderful support to me and my family over the past few months. To thank the club, and honor my brave mother, I have decided to donate Pearl Sun (pictured above) to their permanent collection. I am also excited to be donating to their fundraiser which will be held in June of 2007.

Gilda's Club Nashville is an affiliate of Gilda's Club Worldwide and opened its doors on August 3, 1998. Our purpose is to offer to our members lectures, workshops, classes, support groups and social activities in a non-residential, homelike setting. Free of charge to everyone, Gilda's Club Nashville provides a gathering place where people with cancer and their families and friends can join with others to actively involve themselves in building social and emotional support as a supplement to regular medical care.

If you have cancer or have a friend or loved one who does, Gilda's Club Nashville is here for all of you.

About Gilda Radner:

When comedian Gilda Radner was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1986 she quickly realized the importance of emotional and social support when dealing with her cancer. After attending a wellness community in California, Gilda called for such places of participation, education, hope and friendship to be made available to men, women and children with any type of cancer and their families and friends. Upon her death in May of 1989 her husband, Gene Wilder, and Joanna Bull (Gilda's psychotherapist) founded the flagship Gilda's Club at 195 West Houston in New York City. There are currently fifteen affiliates open and another fifteen in various stages of development.
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