Saturday, October 22, 2005

Already Holiday shopping?

Andee is already getting calls for unique paintings this holiday season. So don't wait until the last minute, surprise your sweetie or family member with a ONE OF A KIND painting by artist Andee Rudloff. Whether it is a special landscape you want recreated or a portrait with pizzazz, Andee is ready to make your unique gift.

Don't really want to commission something? Well, there are plenty of limited edition prints and beautiful paintings to choose from in Andee's Morris Alley Loft Studio.

Contact Andee to schedule an appointment to come by TODAY!

Day of the Dead Exhibit at PLowhaus

The annual Day of the Dead Exhibition at Plowhaus closes Sunday, November 27th. So hurry on over and see the show!
The show welcomes artists from the region, including Andee. Also exhibiting Day of the Dead art will be students from the Bellewood Home for Children in Bowling Green, KY.

Plowhaus is located in historic East Nashville at 213 South 17th Street(between Fatherland and Russell).
Please get directions to Plowhaus by calling (615)262-2224 or on their site:

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Emergency Fund for Artists

The Southern Arts Federation set up an Emergency Fund for displaced Gulf Coast artists following the Katrina disaster, and Andee has been raising money for the fund since it began.
Thus far, Andee and her generous supporters have sent in over $1,200.00 to the fund.
This amount is continuing to grow, as Andee still has special, limited edition Katrina Relief posters available for $25.00!
All proceeds benefit displaced artists.
Contact Andee today to support the Emergency Fund.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Many people have been asking me if I am working for the Kaleidoscope program in Bowling Green. While my name still appears on the Kaleidoscope website and other printed materials, I am no longer with the program.

We were not able to come to an agreement on what my job responsibilties would be and I decided that it would be best for me to focus on my already busy schedule. Before exiting from the program, I was able to host Jen Foster at Spencer's Coffee House for an exciting workshop in songwriting. I was able to recommend Christopher Cherry and Rachel Clark for positions with Kaleidoscope. Last, but not least, I was able to help get information about leading Saturday workshops to many artists in the community.

Kaleidoscope is a Youth Development program currently offering arts programming. However, if the attendees decide arts are not what they have interest in, then the program could evolve into a sports program as suggested by Katrina Phelps with Kaleidoscope.

I am encouraged to see the attention focused on activities for youth in Bowling Green, KY, and hope many more groups like Kaleidoscope will evolve.

Air it out!

As an artist/educator/activist in the arts for sometime, I too have my obstacles and missteps among the goals and achievements along the way. As word gets back to me quickly these days, there are several people with comments and concerns about some of my choices and art commitments. I am anxious to find a better way to link the artists together in this community and highlight our talent.

Well, let's end the gossip, and AIR IT OUT!

I am inviting everyone to a forum to JUST LET ME HAVE IT! Let me know your concerns. Let me know what you think I have done right and wrong. Tell me how I can better serve Bowling Green, WKU, south central Kentucky, America, the world...YOU!

Keep it simple and short, but come to this meeting and AIR IT OUT!

"AIR IT OUT!" will be held at Andee's studio in the next month. The date is TO BE ANNOUNCED(TBA), as I want to have it at a time and date the most people possible can attend.
There will be an idea about an exciting NEW Public Art Project unveiled at the meeting!

Hope you will bring your concerns and solutions. Letters and emails of support are also welcome, and will be read at the meeting.
Email me to confirm your interest or ask any questions.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Join the Moped Army!!!

I am really loving my mode of transportation these days via my moped scooter. I want to encourage others to ride with me and take advantage of the GREAT gas mileage and FUN! As any good American would be doing their part to save on gas right now...right??!!
I will be organizing some events and fundraisers...and of course, there is always a fair share of "swag" to be given away.
If you have a moped and/or scooter and want to join the Moped Army Branch in Bowling Green, KY, contact me today with the following information:
Which Moped and/or scooter you own and ride

The first 5 people to join get a FREE pair of scooter goggles!
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