Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Day for Blend Studio!

This is the last day to see Floats Like a Butterfly Stings Like a Bee at Blend Studio in downtown Nashville, TN. This is also the last day to VOTE and get your wooden nickel. Contact Andee about future showings and about the travel schedule for the exhibition...next stop, New Orleans, LA!

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Results are in...Who Controls Art?

A survey was taken at the Downtown Nashville Gallery Crawl on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011, during the exhibition Floats Like a Butterfly Stings Like a Bee: Who Controls Art?, artworks by Andee Rudloff, Lindsey Bailey and film by Allie Sultan.

Who Controls Art?, the voters HAVE SPOKEN:
49% Artists
18% Youth
10% Education
9% Capitalism/Profit
8% Other (God, Religion, Soul, No one, I, Fish, Andee)
5% Community
1% Business/Biz-nass
0% Tourism
0% Government

The voting continues at Blend Studio, located at 79 Arcade Nashville, TN, until April 30th, 2011. All voters receive a limited-edition wooden nickel!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

It's Time...opening April 2

Blend Studio 79 Arcade Nashville, TN 37219

Who controls art?

Who controls art? a video, paintings and installation pose that question, along with some possible answers, among them government and capitalism. (Did you know light-colored paintings sell better than dark-colored ones?) In addition, this pugilistic piece of streaming provocation beseeches us to check out a new exhibit at Blend Studio, featuring works by Andee Rudloff, Lindsay Bailey and Allie Sultan, and vote for our choice during this months' Art Crawl. That would mean we control art, then? Go deeper this Saturday.


Friday, April 01, 2011

Floats Like a Butterfly Stings Like a Bee: Who Controls Art? in the Nashville Scene

Blend Studio co-founder Ben Vitualla has taken on more of his gallery's programming duties, and now he finds himself with a fight on his hands. This month's collaboration between local artists Andee Rudloff and Lindsey Bailey and filmmaker Allie Sultan is a return to form for Blend, and these ladies are ready to rumble. Composed of a number of multimedia pieces and a video installation, Floats Like a Butterfly Stings Like a Bee: Who controls Art? fits in nicely with Blend's community-conscious ethos, engaging viewers in a dialogue about creative control. Saturday's audience can purchase specially printed wooden nickels to cast their vote. The nickels can be kept as souvenirs or donated to a number of creative causes.
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