Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall 2014...the best yet!

I'm excited to confirm I will be working with Safe Haven Family Shelter, their friends at HCA and residents to create an interactive mural art experience in late October 2014. The mural will bring to life a space around the one-year-old building in downtown Nashville and will be based on what Safe Haven means to the community!

I have a few proposals out for other opportunities, so please keep your fingers crossed for me on those projects...of which, I WOULD LOVE to do ALL of them!

I have launched a GoFundMe campaign to build a unique artist residency with two tiny homes.  I could really use your support to make this dream a reality.  Visit my campaign here.

ChicNhair: Hubcaps & Helmets at the University School of Nashville will close on October 10th.  Please go buy and grab your favorite before it is gone!  Like Edie Maney who bought a set of handle bars with a hand-crafted horn which she plans to use as a dinner bell!

I'm also excited to be working with GoodJobPerks and Qualifacts on some creative professional development that will culminate in 3 pieces being permanently installed within the company.

My art has been included in the exhibition titled Second Time Around, Hubcap As Art, and it continues at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley until March 1, 2015.  More about the exhibition here.

Thanks to Mail Art curator Jason Brown, my work is now part of the Vanderbilt Library Special Collections.

Last but not least, I'm so excited about a couple of businesses launching before the year is over and I can't wait to tell you ALL about it!
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