Thursday, July 26, 2007

Connect 12

Andee will be part of Connect 12, curated and created by Ben Vitualla at Dangenart Gallery, September 1, 2007 to September 30, 2007. Other artists in Connect 12 are Eric Denton, Jimi Benedict, Erika Johnson, Daniel Lai, Samantha Callahan, Sean Jewett, Rick Bradley, Alesandra Bellos, Ben Vitualla, Tiffany Denton and Chris Hill. The exhibition will be part of the First Saturday event in September.
Dangenart Gallery is located on the second floor in The Arcade in downtown Nashville, TN. The gallery is a by-artist-for-artist organization dedicated to emerging artists. It was founded in 2005, as an alternative to the mainstream fine art galleries and to provide emerging artists with exhibition opportunities.

More about Dangenart Gallery:

Campus for a Cure

Adventures Inside Campus for a Cure is a new non-profit created by author Chuck Beard to organize a group of artists, musicians and supporters to help in finding a cure for cancer. We also hope to support and provide assistance to families dealing with cancer. We realize we can't do it alone, and neither can anyone else, so we will make efforts to support other cancer organizations researching for a cure.
Please feel free to get to know us at:

For complete details or to share your story, visit:

artwork for the cover created by Andee Rudloff

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tomato Art Fest-Aug.11

The Tomato Art Fest in East Nashville is happening on Saturday, August 11th!!! The heart of the Tomato Art Fest will once again be Art & Invention Gallery, with oodles of art for your enjoyment.
Andee will also be curating the Alley Gallery again, Nashville's only Drive-Thru Gallery. Artists in the Alley Gallery include Britt Stadig, Scott Thom, JK Lee, Aaron Grayum, Andee Rudloff and a host of other collaborators. Please make sure to Drive-Thru!
To participate in the Tomato Art Fest or to volunteer, visit:

The Tomato...a uniter, not a divider...uniting fruits and vegetables.
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