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From Street Art to Rural Barn Paintings: Telling Our Big Stories - June 11-17, 2017

Andee Rudloff - Shakerag WorkshopsFrom Street Art to Rural Barn Paintings: Telling Our Big StoriesSession One - June 11-17, 2017

Course Description
Street art can be very mysterious yet evoke pride and a sense of place, just as rural barn murals do. Graffiti, street art, and murals have enjoyed an international subculture spanning nearly four decades. With the emergence and popularity of Banksy in recent years, museums and galleries have become interested in which was once considered vandalism. Participants in this class will learn about the evolving movement through presentations and then learn and practice techniques such as stenciling, printmaking, painting, and wheat pasting. Participants are encouraged to bring their innovative ideas as well as personal images and pictures to discover the endless options for assembling and connecting. The goal is to take our different approaches to personal connections and expression in order to create unique designs. Participants will learn new and alternative approaches to both surface and construction. Each participant will leave with new concepts, original reusable pieces, and their own individual mural!

Artist's Biography
Andrea D. Rudloff (Andee) is a consultant, educator and professional artist working in Kentucky and Tennessee. Her goal is always to engage community through creative opportunities and she does so frequently through murals, exhibitions, greenway planning and engagement activities.

About Shakerag Workshops

Shakerag Workshops is an adult studio art workshop program, with week-long classes offered in various different media. Participants register for one class each week, and each day classes meet from 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00. Students and faculty members often work together in the studios during the late afternoons and evenings, as they choose, occasionally taking time off from their artistic endeavors for swimming or yoga.

Shakerag Workshops began in June 2004, with six classes in clay, digital arts, and book arts. From that small beginning, the program doubled in size with twelve classes offered in June 2005 in book arts, clay, digital arts, papermaking, felting, and watercolor. Since those first years, each week 50-65 participants gather to work together in small classes with their teachers, enjoying the studio immersion and the relaxation that are afforded by being away from the daily concerns of one's life. Participants of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience have come to Shakerag - varying in experience from beginners to professional studio artists, coming from near (Sewanee and Monteagle) and far (Hawaii and Switzerland and England). Each week a new community is created - and participants leaving at week's end have said that they feel renewed and invigorated by their Shakerag experience.

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